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Cleanup & Clearing

Backyard look more like a jungle?

We can fix it!
Front yard so tall the HOA is calling?

We can hush them up!

Overwhelmed and don't know where to start? We do!



Interested weekly or bi-weekly maintenance for your lawn? Contact us to see what your options are for your location.


Driveway & Surface Cleaning

Does your concrete driveway look more like a dirt road? We'll get that puppy looking whiter than your teeth after a trip to the dentist.

Image9 (1).jpg

Land management & brush clearing

Need a path blazed, a pond bank cleared up, or your back 40 reclaimed? We can handle it!

Not convinced?

Take a look for yourself!

A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Brad!


Thanks for considering me for the care of your home and property.

I started Copper Creek Cuts in 2017 and offer a variety of services to help clean and maintain your property. Along the way I found some pretty crazy success documenting my projects on YouTube. 

Five years, hundreds of videos, thousands of jobs, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and tens of millions of views on YouTube, I am still just as dedicated to making your place the best looking one around!

Feel free to text or call 904.999.1160 or email to see how I can help with your projects.

Copper Creek Cuts is a sole proprietorship (G17000014981) and carries $2M of general liability insurance.

- Brad Behr


Copper Creek Cuts

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